26 June 2006

T-2 to Moving Day!!!!

Our movers have been slacking off.

22 June 2006

Hinsch's Diner

Hinsch's is a quaint little diner located in our soon-to-be former neighbourhood, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It's like something that someone pulled right out of the 1950's, right down to the waitresses. We had one of our last Brooklyn meals there tonight. I had the "dinner special." It came with an iceberg salad. Normally, I hate iceberg lettuce, but this was tolerable b/c it had blue cheese dressing, which I love. My "entree" consisted of meatloaf that someone's grandma could have cooked, a huge baked potato and really cooked brocolli. It's like the Joy of Cooking threw up on my plate. I don't care. I have no shame. I ate all of it, including the puny little scoop of vanilla ice cream that came for dessert in an old-fashioned metal pedastal bowl. I guess you could say that Hinsch's is kitschy.

The Butter Tart

In case anyone was wondering what a "butter tart" is. It' kind of like a mini pecan pie without the pecans and not as sweet because it has no corn syrup - only sugar, lots and lots of sugar, and butter of course.


The b/f passed his nursing exam. Woo Hoo!

Everyone, this is Sophie.

21 June 2006

Am I a Visible Minority?

When we were in Toronto last week applying for health insurance and drivers licenses, I noticed something I wasn't used to. Both applications asked if I was a "visible minority." What does that mean? I'm gay, Jewish & Mexican. Is that "visible"? Sometimes I feel invisible. Does that make me a minority?

Pics of Our New Apartment in TO

For those who don't know, "TO" is short for Toronto, Ontario. Anyway, here are pics of your new apartment. Only the outside of course.

Why Canada?

Why would an American move to Canada? I think my friend Laura K sums it up best: www.wemovetocanada.blogspot.com.

What is YYZ Life?

YYZ is the airport code for Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Why YYZ? Well, the boyfriend, dog, cat & I are moving to Canada after 2 years of wading through the application process. In 7 days we will officially be American refugees in Canada. I'm so excited. So this is my first attempt at a journal, much less a blog. You can read my various rantings and ravings and thoughts on life for whatever it's worth.

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